April 8, 2020

Filmmakers: FlaneurTV seeks short films and videos

Ongoing call for films

The Flaneur is starting an online TV station on Youtube to broadcast all of the fabulous short films that never get seen after the first round of festivals. All films chosen will be mentioned in a post on the site.

What films are we looking for?

We have broad interests and are keen to show all types of films. Comedy and travelogues to drama and documentaries. If you made it and feel it needs a wider audience then please email it to us.

Film-makers – submit your film

If you have made a film and want it to be shown on FlaneurTV then please send a file to films@flaneur.me.uk . Please use dropbox or a similar service if it is very big. We will need to be able to upload it to Youtube, and by sending it you give us permission to use it on FlaneurTV

1. Films should be less than ten minutes. The shorter the better in fact, although if it is longer give us a shout we may still be able to show it.

2. Please send us a paragraph about the film and the filmmakers, so that we can mention you on the site.

3. Thanks for sending your work.

4. It doesn’t matter if it is not recent. We want to help get viewers for old films as well as new ones.


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