February 23, 2019

New light sculpture by digital artists @field_io to premiere at @LumiereLDN

Lumiere London is a free outdoor light festival coming soon to the West End and King’s Cross, when international artists will illuminate the city with installations, projections and extraordinary light works.

FIELD Spectra 3 print 03

Photo credit: James Medcraft

Premiering during Lumiere London at a King’s Cross location, Spectra-3 draws the audience into a mesmerising space, to experience light as message, matter and energy. Spectra-3 is the third piece in FIELD’s Spectra series of physical-digital sculptures that create sensory experiences with light, kinetics and sound.

Spectra-3 is a 3m tall sculpture surrounded by animated lights and spatialised sound. A mirror disc moving on two axes, Spectra-3 creates a choreography of movement, light and sound, and illuminates its surroundings with dancing reflections. Like a technological artefact from a different world, Spectra-3 celebrates humanity’s inexhaustible optimism to advance technology, all with the aim of understanding our place in the universe.

14 – 17 Jan 2016

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