October 18, 2018

Travel blogger Interview with @JohnnyJet

Our latest travel blogger interview is with Johnny Jet, who has been blogging since 1999. His site started as an email list of helpful travel tips for friends and grew into a first stop website for travellers. Johnny himself has travelled 150,000 miles a year for the last ten years! This is an expert speaking…

Blog name and address: www.JohnnyJet.com
Twitter name: @JohnnyJet
Where are you based? Los Angeles, CA
What does your blog cover? How did you decide on your specialisation? 
It covers all aspects of travel. Primarily travel tips and deals.
How long have you been travel blogging? What do you like most about it? Any downsides?
I started my email newsletter in 1995 and the website in 1999. I love it because I’m my own boss and can work anywhere in the world. The downside is I work and travel constantly so I could be in Australia writing about France. Doesn’t always make for a great travel experience.
How do you prefer to travel? Backpacking, alone, budget, luxury…? What do you like visiting? Art galleries, beaches, bars?!
When I’m on someone else’s dime my travels are usually five stars. When I’m paying it’s four stars but on a two star budget.
How much time a day do you spend on the blog whilst travelling and when back home?
I spend 7-14 hours a day working.
Does your blog pay the bills? How do you afford all the travel? 
I do make a living from my blog but it took a few years to monetize it. I started the website in 1999.
Have you noticed a change in attitude towards travel bloggers since you began?
Big time! In the beginning PR professionals used to laugh at me when I enquired about going on a trip and now they invite me every day somewhere.
Do you speak any languages? How does it help your travels to speak languages?
I only speak English and very rarely ever have a difficult time communicating.
How much time do you spend away from home per year on average? How do you pick your destinations? 
I travel about 225 days a year and visit 20 countries. I pick my destinations on where I’m invited or where I really want to go.
Do you ever travel on holidays which you don’t cover for the blog?
What has been you stand-out trip or destination?
Way too many to list.
Are there any countries you have visited In which you would like to live?
Australia and Hong Kong
Any advice for wannabe travel bloggers?
There’s a lot of competition these days so you have to commit and spend a lot of time making it work and sharing valuable information. Go to the travel conferences and network.

 That’s great, thank you very much for answering these questions and have a great trip!

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