February 23, 2019

Artist insight: Marcin Krupa

White collar, Marcin Krupa

This painting is inspired by an image from a Polish newspaper during a national debate on the health care system.

White collar, Marcin Krupa

The painter Marcin Krupa wanted to catch at a glance an aspect of daily life which affects all society.Those nurses are not simply an image of the middle class workers but indeed the picture of the polish communistic model which still leave its influence on the whole political and economical scene.

It’s the symbol of recovering and freedom raised up after the end of the red regime.

My Freedom, Marcin Krupa

This subject is a false easy interpretation. These are mere objects, and despite their objectivity. all objects are free to belong to a personal interpretation.

These shoes are dirty, old, broken and for the majority of people are the picture of poverty. The artist says: ” These shoes are not just shoes. They represent my freedom and the artist freedom which doesn’t aspire to money and fashion but to what is hidden at the secret core of life”.


The Attachment is the strong relationship which links people and saves humanity in hard times.

Attachment, Marcin Krupa

At the communistic gray realty when the system tried to alienate and delete all the traces of human feelings, attachment became a form of resistence. The attachment between family memebers, between strong friendships, and all the emotional reactions served as important aspect of the underground culture to keep hopes and dreams. The dog here is the symbol of real loyalty and trust, which as a true real instinct, will hardly fade.

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