January 26, 2020

When you think that you’re about to die

When you are faced with death, people say that your life flashes right before your eyes. But, that’s not true. You are consumed by nothingness. Everything and nothing happens at the same time. Your body is aware of what’s happening around you, while your brain shuts down. Your vision is gone and all you see is black nothingness. You start to wonder if this is what your life has lead up to. All the images and thoughts bounce around in your head, but you can’t process them. You are temporarily brain dead. It’s like a flashback, only that it went forward and you feel that you’ve skipped a part of your life. The pain from the burn in your left arm triggers some sort of switch as you remember the instant that you lost control. After that, it’s just black. Nothing makes sense. Physics seems to be the only thing that holds any truth. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Some of you might argue that that is called karma.

4 Comments on When you think that you’re about to die

  1. Hey Mugren! Great to see you here. Interesting, but not necessarily true. The death experience isn’t the same for everyone. I’ve sat by enough dying people to tell you that.

  2. … Sounds like you’ve been there? I agree with the former commenter that it will not be the same for everyone. It sounds like your life has not been nice, funny and full of colour… Maybe that makes all the difference! Perhaps you’f better start living while you can! 😉

  3. Thank you both for the comments. What I wrote mainly revolves around sudden deaths as apposed to prolonged ones, such as through illness. I believe that if you know that your time has come, perhaps it would be easier to accept it.
    May all those whom we have lost rest in peace. 🙂

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