September 16, 2019

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli to create a one-off MINI for the 2013 Life Ball in Vienna

The Life Ball combines the extraordinary tradition of the Viennese ball, a spectacular opening ceremony and a strong demonstration of social commitment. MINI regularly donates a specially designed vehicle for auction at the event, the proceeds of which go to projects dedicated to fighting and preventing HIV and AIDS. Over the past years, a total of more than half a million Euros has been raised. It is tradition for this special MINI to be given a creative makeover by an internationally renowned designer who also stages the Life Ball Fashion Show.


This year Roberto Cavalli will be doing the honours. He will be designing a MINI Paceman and giving it his own creative signature.

“Designing the MINI was a very fun, exciting and stimulating experience. I had to create a car which not only respected and conveyed my fashion, but also my lifestyle: an unusual challenge, but surely a fascinating one”, says Cavalli. The result will be a one-of-a-kind car…Watch this space for pics…

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