June 4, 2020

Hipsters! Get yourself a MINI Clubvan!

The coolest van to hit the streets has hit the streets. Of course there was a Mini van back in the old days – the Morris Mini van was on sale between 1960 and 1986 – but that was never a style statement. Modern companies keen to display their sense of individuality while delivering their goods are the target for the new MINI ClubvanNewImage

It also brings the driving fun MINI owners know and love to business traffic-dominated urban roads. Two seats, five doors and ample load capacity in the rear make the MINI Clubvan conspicuously well qualified for the special load-carrying requirements of day-to-day commercial life – not to mention a well-earned after-hours spin when the work is done.

The MINI Clubvan shields its cargo from curious eyes while on the move and during drop-offs thanks to a combination of opaque, blocked-out glass in the rear side windows and Clubdoor, and the darkened glass in the rear doors. The side window surfaces are body-coloured on the outside and have polycarbonate reinforcement on the inside. This paves the way for a new form of individualisation, the van’s flanks offering the ideal location for company signage or a brand logo. All of which allows the MINI Clubvan to double up as an attractive advertising platform for the urban street scene. It certainly provides a fitting showcase for style-conscious companies.

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