February 24, 2020

Mini celebrates 100 years of Oxford car-making with a European tour @MINI

Cars have been produced in Oxford for 100 years, and it is also here where today the MINI is produced that the classic Mini – one of the most important models built in Oxford over the years since 1913 – was also born. To celebrate the centenary of car-building in Oxford five MINIs are embarking on a tour that will take them to eight former classic Mini production locations the length and breadth of Europe.


The first classic Mini rolled off the production line in Oxford on 8 May 1959 and another 602,816 were to follow in the years up to 1968.NewImageDuring this time, the Oxford factory also built CKD (Completely Knocked Down) vehicle sets to be assembled in other locations,  eight of which will be visited before 27th March.


MINI fans can follow the progress of the tour at www.since1913.co.uk as the cars drive across Europe.


All images ©BMW

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