November 24, 2020

The Art Sonneteer visits Michelangelo and Sebastiano at The National Gallery

It helps to have a friend who’s in the know,

Connections in high places help you cope.

It helped for painter Sebastiano, 

For whom Michelangelo wrote the pope.

Visit the National if you are inclined 

To see their works – a few both talents mix.

Mich seems to have dashed off designs

Which Seb worked into oil pics. 

Michelangelo will draw the crowd,

But the show with ‘Bastiano’s more endowed.  


The risen Christ’s by Michelangelo, 

(Although – small print: another finished off).

God nude is odd – but è molto bello,

No wonder sculptors to him their hats doff. 

Sebastiano captures Jesus’ pain,

A snapshot on the road to sacrifice. 

Generations learn bible truths again,  

Through ‘Bastiano’s brush and palette knife. 

A friendship ’tween two artists celebrated

Though of Seb I fear you’ll soon be sated. 

Photo 7

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