April 23, 2018

Art Blogger – Isabelle Bryer

What is the address of your blog?



Which country are you based in?

I am a French artist based in the USA (Los Angeles)


How long have you been blogging?

About 6 months


Do you have a niche or do you cover all of the arts?

I guess I do have a niche since it is mainly “Art that I love” and it ends up having a particular style to it (neo folk, fairy tale inspired etc)


How did it all start? Why do you do it?!

Being an artist is sometimes lonely, you are quite isolated. Writing a blog allows you to be connected to other people. Also I wanted to have more of  a presence online to promote my work. And I love a lot of the art I see online and wanted to share this with other people.


Which blogging platform do you use?



Do you also use social media?

Facebook and Twitter mainly and I can’t say that I am really on top of Twitter. I find easier to keep up with FB.


What have you discovered about the art world since you started blogging?

I have discovered SO MANY new artists, some of them are really EXCELLENT. There is a lot of talent out there.


You are an artist as well. How does blogging complement your practice?

I keep blogging in the back of my mind when I paint something (I take photos as I go, so I can share a “how to” post for example). I try to document things more, keep records of them.


Which artists do you admire?

OMG so many. Old and new, off the top of my head: The Surrealists, Frida Kahlo, Hieronimus Bosch, Gustav Klimt, Chagall, Remedios Varo, Pat Andrea, Odd  Nerdrum, Mark Ryden, David Hochbaum, Anne Siems, Bibi Davidson, Lori Field, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Anna Pugh and many many more…


How do you choose the topics for your posts?

I like to write a post about a newly discovered artist I like or I try to find an interesting angle to write something about my way of making art, or  I show a breakdown of my painting process. I try to keep the post short with a little bit of text and a lot of good images.



Do you write the blog entirely yourself or do you have guest posters?

So far I never had guest posters but I am not against the idea.


How important do you think independent blogs are?

I think they are very important in the sense that they are “real people” voicing their opinions online about art, literature or any other subject one might be interested in. The info and opinions they provide is not filtered by publishers or art gallery owners. They reach the readers directly and it is up to that reader to decide whether the blog is interesting or not. Blogging online feels like and equal opportunity proposition. It is an excellent way to connect with other human beings on the planet that might have similar interests.


Do you run advertising?



Do you make any money from the blog?



How much time do you spend every week blogging or researching posts?

Not that much. I post about every other week. I would say 4 to 5 hours per post


Do you think readers value blogs enough?

If they are good they do!


Do you encourage interaction and comments?

I try to but I refuse to beg for attention or to over-advertise!


What set up do you have for blogging? Do you blog on the move?

At this point I only blog from my art studio.


What are your aims for your blog?

To help build a brand for myself and sell my art. To connect with like-minded people. To be part of an art market where we can bypass “the man” and directly reach the art lovers. To “share” what I know, what I love, to spread what I know and what I am good at.


What blogs do you read?

Hidden in France, Seth Godin, Elsa Mora, Fine Little Day, Camilla Engman.


Thank you very much for your time!!



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