November 17, 2018

Pan African gazette – Chimurenga Chronic out now @Chronic_News

The Chimurenga Chronic is a pan-African gazette available online or in print. The latest edition consists of a 48 page magazine and a 40 page book review magazine and features writing, art and photography. Based in South Africa the Chimunrenga Chronic includes contributions from around the world, including work by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Mahmood Mamdani and Niq Mhlongo.


Many stories fill the pages, including an analysis of land theft, the tensions between Africa’s biggest powers, the unspoken history of Rushdie’s ‘word crimes’ and a look at crime writing in Nigeria, Kenya and India.

Born out of a need to ask new questions about a contemporary Africa, the Chronic is an attempt to do things differently.

Issues cost $9 digitally and you can get copies here.


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