October 16, 2018

Cultural Review on British Fashion

British Fashion; born, bred and brought up British but our clothes tell a different story. The effect on British factories and cloth manufacturers is phenomenal; why do we as nationalists and members of the Queen’s land not want to see purely British clothes on catwalk and the high street.

Over 90% of manufacturing and materials are sourced from abroad therefore increasing the massive decline on our once patriotic society. We should be supportive and intrigued by projects like Mary Portas’ ‘Kinky Knickers’ and stand up for complete British fashion.

Alexander McQueen; true British icon, took patriarchy to another level, he divulged into the union jack and made it a statement. He made use want to wear our flag, and we followed and did it with pride. Increasingly bearing the question; why do so many of us continue in looking for cheap imported clothes that have no more of a story than a sheet of paper – plain and bland.

Parisians employee their culture; they live and breath their clothes and are increasingly more interested in their most popular current designers and what Parisian fashion has to offer. Likewise with the states; one of the most patriotic countries that thrive and indulge into that nationalist society and are constantly on look out for American bred fashion.

We as a country are not just yet declining there is hope; as there is in many things. We are still the sixth main country in providing manufacturing clothing but why not be the first. Why are we not the pinnacle of the fashion world? Why don’t we stand up for our country and show the world that we as the British public and community can produce innovative outstanding pieces that outdo all the designers that are over powering us.

Sir Phillip Green; god bless you, you angel. Your collaboration with the British Fashion Council should hopefully in-turn influence other high street stores to focus more of British fashion. Although Topshop are not quite there yet, the effort is there and they are trying; we salute you! The British Fashion Council aims to bring British designing and manufacturing back to the UK as they feel that it will boost the economy; who would have thought, fashion bringing Britain out of this hell hole…

Britain is never going to be as cheap as China, India and Bangladesh… but who wants to be? We can produce high quality clothing with British people make for the whole world. Increasing job prospects for the youth of today; widening their horizons and allowing them to see what the fashion industry has to offer them.

To see what could happen if we all work together as a nation watch ‘Mary Portas – The Bottom Line 4od’ Love your nation, love you land, British born and bred!

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