July 24, 2019

Film production: Help fund short film Journey Men

The road down the unknown will take you home… 


Elsa is a bully and a nightmare to everyone around her. She is also elderly, is recovering from a stroke and lives in a care home. While people struggle to put up with her antics, Elsa struggles with her fear of death, holding on to anger and resentment as if her life depends on it.

The title refers to the mythical characters of Hermes ‘the guide of soul’s and Charon, ‘the ferryman to the land of the dead’. Although the story does involve a journey from the conscious to the unconscious, Journey Men is essentially a story about solitude and fear of the unknown.


Journey Men is a ten minute short film written by London based writer/director/actress Vee Vimolmal. It was inspired by a song of the same title by London duo Dream Die Dream (formerly Rubicks) and will star ex Dr Who companion Katy Manning. Set to be shot in the cinematic bleakness of Canvey Island out on the Thames Estuary, and with Emmy award winner Sam Gracey on board as the Director of Photography, Journey Men promises to be a poignant and beautiful narrative.


To maximise the production value of Journey Men, the project is currently seeking contributions through crowdfunding. If you would like to get involved in supporting the project, please visit http://igg.me/p/100974?a=579385

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