January 22, 2021

Katrina and the waves singer explores London in new city tour guide series

As Eurovision returns for another year, the UK’s last act to win is ready to launch her latest masterpiece – and this time it’s not a hit song. Katrina and the Waves lead singer Katrina Leskanich has spent the last six years compiling a quirky new London tour guide with her partner Sher Harper – a freelance writer – and their four-legged friend Peggy Lee.


Peggy Lee Loves London goes on and off-the-beaten-track in London, with a particular focus on music, food, street art, city curiosities and open spaces. Peggy Lee, a discriminating white toy poodle, reveals a side of London that is not shown in the usual tourist guides.

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Katrina says: “I moved to London in 1997 and because I was often away on tour, found it difficult to really get to know the city until I got Peggy Lee and then we explored the city together. I took a camera with me and we discovered some of London’s cool, fun and off-the-beaten-track places. I took lots of photos and of course it only seemed right that Peggy Lee was in every shot – after all it was as much her journey as it was mine. Sher and I thought the pictures would make an interesting book about London so she came up with the captions and text and the result is a quirky collection of our favourite London places that we want to share.”


Katrina and Sher are exploring other cities with Peggy Lee, including Dublin and Edinburgh.

Peggy Lee Loves London is available form Amazon here: Peggy Lee Loves London: My London Guide

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