July 20, 2018

Sadly not supported by the arts council ? Get the badge!

It’s been a difficult time for arts organisations. Cutbacks and recessions have made funding even harder to come by. And it was hard to come by anyway.

If you have had to remove your supported by the arts council links and don’t know how to replace them…

Never fear!

The boffin known as artistx, who knows how to make text go in a circle! has created the Sadly not supported by the arts council badge which is available free for all organisations that have had their funding removed, or their funding application rejected, or have never had any funding at all.

Of course we all hope that you’ll be successful in the next round of funding, but until then use this badge to fill the gap in your website.

How to use the Sadly not funded by the arts council badge

Right click on the image and save to your computer.

Upload to your website.


If you need help with this process please get in touch: tech@flaneur.me.uk

Need a smaller version:

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