March 21, 2019

Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones at Saatchi Gallery

From 5th April to 4th September 2016 Saatchi Gallery dedicates its space completely to its current show Exhibitionism – an in depth, evocative look at the life and history of the iconic Rolling Stones group.

Not being a big fan of the Saatchi Gallery and not knowing much about the Stones I was initially sceptical at how good this exhibition would be. With a price tag of £25 I was not expecting to love this show so much. I was blown away at the effort which had clearly gone into curating and producing the finer details of this show. I was in awe of the Rolling Stones achievements and longevity.

Separated into organised areas, one section is a replica of their recording studio, with headphones for visitors to listen to audio. Another space has been transformed into the band’s digs. There were no photos of this flat to assist in the recreation yet from the memory of the band members came something akin to a collection of Tracy Emin style beds. If I had lived there it would be a memory I would happily have forgotten.

Memory lane continues with varied memorabilia and for those guitar aficionados there is a room full of them. For the fashionistas, posed mannequins kitted out in costumes through the various eras of the Stones lives. The curatorial team have also presented an exploration into the how the band used art to inspire their album covers and posters as well as how they embraced popular culture. There is so much to explore, from scrawled notes and lyrics to the extravagance of stage design. For those who like to touch but often feel restricted in a gallery environment Saatchi Gallery has dealt with this issue by providing interactive tech for those itchy fingers.

Like a live gig, you’d better experience this show for yourself. The exhibition ends on a real high – you won’t be disappointed (the only regret you may be feeling is if you have never seen the Rolling stones live). Don’t forget, as you exit, you can pick up a t-shirt, magnet or other memory jogging but never to be used again memento.

To have a full on experience on the posh side of London visit Exhibitionism at Saatchi Gallery, King’s Road London SW3 4RY
Check out the gallery website before you visit as it would be advisable to book your ticket beforehand.

By Helen Shewry

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