December 11, 2018

Help fund a UK film – How a filmmaker is changing ideas of roles for older women @threedaysfilm1

Want to help finance a UK film? Then read on! The independent filmmaking community is embracing a new British filmmaker, Vanessa Bailey, a 44 year-old actress who decided to produce her first film, ‘Three Days’, after growing frustrated by the limited roles available for older women. Taking matters into her own hands, Vanessa brought together an award winning crew to produce a film that explores an unconventional romance for a woman over forty, filled with endearingly awkward British humour and subtle emotional depth.


Vanessa Bailey

Vanessa’s agent introduced her to an upcoming, young actor, Richard Perryman, and over a cup of coffee, the two discussed developing the script together for ‘Three Days’, an age gap romance about two people from completely different worlds trying not to fall in love with each other. Vanessa’s character, Sophie, wouldn’t normally chase younger men and is a very intelligent woman embarrassed by her feelings for James, played by Richard, who is significantly younger than her. Similarly, James is surprised by his feelings for an older woman and events unfold across three days, which determine whether they will or won’t follow their hearts.


With this close collaboration and their strong screen chemistry, “Three Days’ will present an authentic account of how a younger man and an older woman might find themselves wrestling with their feelings for each other.


Speaking about the scriptwriting process, Vanessa said, “We’ve had the luxury of being able to grow our characters together whilst writing. What’s so great about writing as actors is that you know what you don’t have to write. You know what can just be felt by the actors, and in turn, the audience.”


The film has attracted award-winning crew, including double BAFTA Cymru winning Cinematographer, Huw T Walters, and Darren S Cook, a Cannes ‘Coup de Coeur’ Award winning Director. Vanessa has also drawn together collaborations with UK indie bands, Wonderlush and Ilya, a London Fashion Week hair designer, Jason Hall, celebrity and film photographer, Gareth Gatrell, as well as attracting BBC composer, William Goodchild to score the film.


The film has been in development for over a year and is due to be filmed this summer in Bromley, Cardiff and central London, pending crowdfunding via Indiegogo, if you would like to contribute to the film and get some of the perks that are available click here for details. The synopsis sounds fun, so why not help get this British film made?

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