June 20, 2018

Preview: Open Studios at Bow Arts

The artists’ studios I am used to seeing are shell-like dwellings for the incubation of artists’ creative impetuses. Places where artists can scuttle off to, shut the door and not let the outside world in.

But Bow Arts have taken an entirely different approach; I am at the opening of Bow Arts new artist studio complex at London Dock – in the former home to News International.


It’s a labyrinthine complex comprising 79 studios for very affordable prices.

Every inch of this warehouse turned studios is built to ensure the ease of communication, you can drift easily from one studio to the next through open corridors and doors. Collaboration, not isolation would read the banner for this studio block.

Two artists I met had already joined forces! An artistic community will surely thrive here, exactly what we need when the arts are under attack. A place for the creatives to call their own and lay siege to, as the cuts come for them.

The studios are not open to the public, but if you want to see the thriving Bow Arts community for yourself, join them at their Open Studios on Bow Road from 19-20 June.

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by Ella Shrubsall

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