June 18, 2019

Ballad of the Burning Star – Israel-Palestine and physical theatre @TheatreAdInf

Physical theatre company Theatre Ad Infinitum’s new play Ballad of the Burning Star is about to premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe. It presents its subject matter – Israel’s national identity and the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine – through a mix of cabaret, physical storytelling, original songs and live music.  As Nir Paldi, co-director of the company and creator of Ballad says; ‘The company has chosen to bring to the play a ‘really diverse, talented and international troupe of women to tell this dark story about the effects of war on the human condition.’

Ballad examines the life of an Israeli man, his childhood in a Jewish settlement, the perpetual war that tore his family apart, and the traumatic events of his military service that made him ask: “Am I a victim or a persecutor?”

Armed with music, killer heels and a lethal troop of divas, an enraged Israeli executes a story of victimhood, persecution, aggression and love. With shrapnel-sharp voices and moves as smooth as an oiled tank chain, this cabaret troupe invites you on a journey into the core of the conflicted Jewish State

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