December 16, 2019

JOANNA RAJKOWSKA: Public art in Oswiecim, Poland (Auschwitz)

Joanna Rajkowska, BUND! (2012)
Joanna Rajkowska, BUND! (2012)

An advertising billboard located in Oswiecim, Poland (Auschwitz) is currently being used as a public art gallery.

Currently on view is the work of Polish Artist, Joanna Rajkowska.

For Rajkowska’s Whose History? exhibition she has developed a work that examines the now extinct socio-political party – the Bundists.

She writes, “The project BUND! is about my dream of a socially diverse and culturally rich Poland that never happened. The death camp in Auschwitz is a sign, and the culmination of, the historical processes that stopped this dream from becoming true.”

Joanna Rajkowska (born 1968, lives and works in London, Berlin and Warsaw) is an author of objects, films, installations, ephemeral actions, as well as interventions in the public space. They can be treated as ironic contemporary variations of community-based art, land art, and so-called relational aesthetics, which the artist breaks down into constitutive elements, frequently applying the tactics of “participative observation”.


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