July 5, 2020

Quick: Haiku inspired by Birdsong on Twitter now! #Haiku #poetry

Call & Response is a project that posts Haiku poetry on Twitter every day from 20th – 30th September 2012. Conceived by Paul Evans it brings together Haiku poetry by ten different writers. All poems are inspired by bird calls and songs.


Listen: the cuckoo
has returned, the woods haunted
with her dark stories.

by Rob Hindle

Haiku, Twitter and birdsong all being short bursts of information they combine beautifully for this project. However they can also be heard read aloud at Soundcloud.

Call & Response is part of the Festival of the Mind, a venture to show the cultural strengths of Sheffield. It runs until the 30th September 2012. You can find out more information here: @FestivalMind You can also follow this Haiku project at http://twitter.com/Callhaiku. While we’re talking all things Twitter why not follow us as well: @Flaneurzine

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