July 8, 2020

Artists: Show your work on the back of a beer bottle! #art #design

Example label - See your work here!

Artists and designers: Do you have an inspiring idea, an interesting announcement or an exciting project? What better way to get it out there than on the back label of a bottle of Vedett? The Vedett Gazett is your chance to share and promote anything with the power to inspire. Cool projects, inspiring ideas, creative concepts, awesomeblogs, original artworks and exciting events are all part of the program at the Vedett Gazett.

Example label – See your work here!

Submit your story and secure your own piece of prime real estate at Vedett Gazett! Pending approval, your story will appear online and the best stories will be selected to appear on the back label of around 1000 bottles of Vedett. So what are you waiting for? Submit your story!



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