October 1, 2020




By Catherine Sawers




Have you ever met a woman
Who wishes she was a man
And had her own member
That she could give a special name
Except in certain cases
Freud’s penis envy has no basis
A theory made in bad faith
By observing hysterical patients.
What could be more intimidating
Than a woman whose mind is germinating
It’s bad enough she can make a new person
Just by eating, breathing and screwing
Womb envy is what Freud suffered
But these feelings he quickly smothered
He’d be the laughingstock of Vienna
If one word of this he had muttered.






July 2012

1 Comment on Envy

  1. interesting thought. I wonder what would have happened if someone had exposed it thus:
    Now Doctor Freud
    Ain’t that absoid
    it’s not that she wants a p—-s
    It’s you who wants a uterus
    And all these years
    all women feared
    For you just pulled the wool o’er us!

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