August 10, 2020

Film v Music – what difference does the music make to a scene?

A new interactive website has been launched which looks at the influence of music on well-known film scenes.
The idea behind is to highlight the dramatic effect that audio plays in setting the mood in a film scene. By randomly attaching different music to famous film scenes (like the ‘Taxi Driver’ mirror scene for example) you can see that the entire feel of the scene changes instantly. Sometimes this can turn serious subject matter into comedy, other times it can turn calm dialog into epic drama.
A couple of the thousands of possible combinations on the site:
‘Taxi Driver’ v ‘Soul Bossa Nova’
‘Silence of the Lambs’ v ‘Rage Against the Machine’
Users can change the music and the scenes and get a sense of the importance of the contribution of music to films.
More details:

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