February 24, 2020

Frieze Fringe – The Other Art Fair kicks off at the @oldtrumanbrewery @theotherartfair

The Other Art Fair shares the same large Old Truman Brewery space as the Moniker Art Fair. Here though the booths are not taken by galleries but by individual artists. 130 emerging artists are showing work, many exhibiting at the fair for the first time – like Carl Grauer, portrait painter who is offering two hour portrait sessions under the slogan Portraits are the new selfie.

With so many artists to discover there’s a chance you’ll find something interesting, although the quality of work and concepts does vary wildly. Although statistically unlikely, you may stumble across the Next Big Thing. You’ll certainly see some non-commercial work that artists make with all sorts of media, including liquorice.

Top Artists at this year’s The Other Art Fair

Jake OF is a street photographer, but rather than trying to capture candid images he deliberately interacts with his subjects. He asks people to pose in odd ways – maybe a cloth over the face or a banana on the head. Like the Julia Schwarzbach performance piece recently at the Barbican the images show the relish with which people do something that allows them to be a little bit silly.

Check out Roy’s People, photographs that bring miniature characters to life on the streets of London. A particular favourite – The Race features minute canoeists tackling an upturned milkshake.

Also look out for Polly Tootal‘s large scale peaceful photographs and non zero one’s immersive theatre piece. There’s also a kids’ art trail and beers from Hackney Wick’s craft brewery Crate (not part of the kids’ art trail).

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PS. if you’re looking for the liquorice work it’s by Sam Peacock. 

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