July 23, 2018

Help crowdfund Brabham’s return to Le Mans and WEC endurance racing @BrabhamOfficial

Brabham is one of the most successful names in motorsport history but has been away from top-flight racing for over 20 years. That is about to change. The company has recently launched Project Brabham in a bid to come back to the track as a world-class racing team.

Using crowdfunding Brabham aim to build and fund a sustainable racing team that once again fires the imagination. Through Project Brabham, you can back Brabham Racing’s vision, get exclusive rewards and get involved for as little as one pound.

Brabham aims to return to the track in the FIA World Endurance Championship next season with a three-year LMP2 programme. The Flaneur has covered the WEC at Silverstone and Spa and it is an exciting series where endurance, speed and strategy all play a part in races that last six hours – and in the case of Le Mans, 24.

In year four, the marque plans to return as a constructor by way of LMP1, whilst eventually Brabham hopes to return to Formula 1.

Fans will have unrivalled behind-the-scenes access, incredible insight and knowledge about the team and the wider sport. An advanced portal will allow members to engage with Brabham and experience something of the highs and lows of running a professional racing team. Fans will even contribute towards collaborative decisions as Brabham will share everything from its investor search, driver selection process and building its premises, to the first car build, test and race. On race weekends Brabham-Fan will become the gateway for live telemetry, behind-the-scenes footage, radio communications and even race strategy.

Joining Brabham and being part of this exciting new journey offers the opportunity to not only interact with motorsport at the highest level, but also  contribute to the re-launch of one of the world’s most widely revered and celebrated team names.

More details and to help crowd fund Brabham

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