October 31, 2020

Interview :: Simone Morris, Jagged Jayne

Jagged Jayne are one of Sydney’s hottest new indie-funk bands. They’ve come screaming on to the local scene with funk-tastic track “Avalanche”, which they peformed for a sold-out crowd at FBI Social for their EP launch in July. After already supporting artists like Dappled Cities, TigerLily and Nina Las Vegas, it looks like this bunch will be one to watch. I caught up with lead singer Simone Morris ahead of their performance at Oxford Arts Factory this weekend.

“If I was ever given the opportunity to play alongside [Kimbra] I think my mind would actually blow up into a million pieces. It would be messy.”


B: Tell us about the origins of Jagged Jayne.

S: Most of us met later in our degrees (at the Australian Institute of Music.) Our drummer Brad was my first official friend at uni, so we’ve been playing together for years.

I was only 17 when I moved to Sydney from QLD,  and I was on a mission to throw myself into the world of music. Starting the band had always been a dream of mine. When we formed Jagged Jayne everything just fell into place.


B: Give us a quick run down on your musical background.

S: We all have different musical backgrounds which I think is the reason why we can create such interesting sounds within our tracks. Personally, I was brought up listening to a QLD radio station which played all the classics from the 60’s-80’s and a whole lotta Beatles!


B: What is your songwriting process?

S:  I write the melody, lyrics and some base chords then take the songs to the guys and let our creative minds dance together. So far this method has worked wonders. It’s really fun to bounce off everyone’s musical ideas to create an awesome track.

I have been writing songs since I was about 7, but of course those first ones were about my life troubles at the time such as, ‘Why is there no food in the cupboard?’ and ‘Mum I don’t want to go to school today!’

B: What’s your own favourite song?

S: Personally my favourite song is our EP’s single, “Avalanche”. Hilariously it was originally called “Epilogue” because I wanted it to be the title track of the EP. That idea got quickly shut down when the guys informed me that Epilogue means end, and for it to be at the beginning it should be called “Prologue”. That is a blonde moment I will never live down!

The track is about letting yourself go and falling head over heels in love, which at the time I was doing.


B: Who would be your dream act to support or play alongside?

S: KIMBRA! I adore her. If I was ever given the opportunity to play alongside her I think my mind would actually blow up into a million pieces. It would be messy.


B: Who are your favourite artists? Have they influenced your own music at all?

S: Personally Kimbra has influenced me the most with my music. Her vocal expression, songwriting techniques and stage presence are what I strive for. I love an artist that can show their personality in every piece of music they write and in every movement they make on stage. My other huge influences would be The Beatles, Billie Holiday and Janelle Monae.



B: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened onstage at one of your live gigs?

S: This lady brought bubbles to one of our East Coast Tour shows in Brisbane. She had great aim with that bubble blower so I was dodging bubbles left right and centre while trying to sing one of our ballads. It was really hard for me to keep a straight face and not jump off stage and start popping them all with her. It looked pretty fun.


B: Are there any plans for an album coming up?

S: We already have some new tracks lined up for an album – possibly be released mid next year!