January 24, 2019

Disjointed Symphony: part of The Crossing Lines Annual Exhibition, The Linear House Gallery, London

The Crossing Lines Group is an exciting collaboration between
London Independent Photography and Goldsmiths College London. This group of
like minded people meet once a month to deliberate and ponder their detours and
wanderings within urban areas across the globe.

Having been part of this eclectic mix of people for the last year or so my recent photographic work entitled Disjointed Symphony is being shown as part of their annual exhibition.

I have been producing this series of images over the last six months in an attempt to illustrate the multi layered London that can be seen within the built structures across the City. I aim to visually capture the metropolis that is London-reducing it to a seemingly mythological recreation of structures that appear unreal within a reality. My images present an ethereal daydream which is everlasting.

Modernist glass structures embrace and contain history within their whole structure, surrounding us whether we are inside or outside. A space is held within another
space. This work has been influenced by Rüdiger Görner’s book London Fragments: A Literary Expedition. Full of literary and poetic references to London his description of Ralph Williams’s composition A London Symphony sums up the dichotomy of the metropolis jungle;

‘each of the four movements introduces a theme, which illustrates the hustle and bustle of the city but also includes moments of eerie silence’,

This description of a multi layered London particularly moved me to
produce this series of works. As I feel the when the visuals of structures within a city collide they do so with a sense of the history of the place held within their grasp. When viewing these abstract images the viewer is invited to fall into the dream and contemplate how London has grown organically; with its mix of new and old architechture standing side by side; some grand, some functional, some in disarray and some empty like grand old maids waiting to be born again. They all have or have had their own sense of purpose, a meaning to of existed and they take their place in London’s history, its present and future.


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