November 25, 2020

Latest London Art Openings #art #London

A selection of the shows that opened in London last night.

Hurls Chamber at the Cock ‘n Bull Gallery. New sports are rare. New art-sports are even rarer. This week Jack Stanton and Finbar Ward transformed the subterranean Cock ‘n Bull into the world’s very first Hurls Chamber. This was real I was there stuff, like watching the first footie match or seeing William Webb Ellis pick up the ball. The rules were on the wall and seemed perfectly reasonable – I was just disappointed that no one else was allowed a go. Will it be in the Olympics or the Tate…

Until  2 December, but matches only on certain days

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IMG 1938

The Structure of Things opened at dalla Rosa Gallery. Including works by Gary Colclough, Alan Magee and Andy Wicks. A reminder that photographs of work give no idea of scale. From the flyer I expected the Colclough’s pieces to be huge wall-filling monsters. Instead they were finely wrought and meticulously rendered.

Until 19th December.

IMG 1930

Star Food and Wine is a pop up show in an disused building on Old Street. Complete with wires sticking out of the wall and a ‘don’t step on the hole’ part of the floor. Three levels full of all types of media, video and amusing ceramic mouse-traps. Performances included I want to get to know you and WeAreNotListening, a brand of ‘art anti-therapy’. Only on until 26th November. More images.

IMG 1977

Friday 22 November 2013

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