June 18, 2019

New art destination in Luton: Departure Lounge

An abandoned former Woolwich building society in Luton has been transformed into a sprawling new art gallery and creative community space. From its cavernous depths to the labyrinthine upper storeys, Departure Lounge heralds the birth of the area as a burgeoning cultural destination engaging local, national and international audiences.


Departure Lounge is keen to enrich the quality of local and regional visual arts provision by attracting global artists to deliver innovative exhibitions, intercultural exchanges and educational opportunities, whilst also providing an exciting platform for the local community to experience contemporary art of the quality found at the Tate or The Photographers’ Gallery on their own doorstep.


Departure Lounge is keen to build relationships that offer a range of internship and self help opportunities for students and local artists and to work with Bedfordshire University’s fine art staff to provide a venue for their exhibitions, conferences and symposia. Theatre Is – a Luton Youth Theatre Group – will also be using the space for weekly rehearsals.


Departure Lounge Gallery

61 George Street



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