March 19, 2019

Christmas Round-Robin competition

Everyone loves receiving round robin Christmas cards from people too busy and pompous to write individual cards. A prize of 100 slices of kudos to the best round robin – here’s one to get you started. Add yours to the comments and have a Happy Christmas!


Dear ________

Please forgive this Christmas round robin but we have been so busy this year what with Billy winning Wimbledon and Hortensia’s book tour celebrating her best-selling seventeenth novel.

Little Jim became the youngest toddler ever to climb Everest without oxygen. This he did completely unassisted, beating the previous record by almost twenty-three years. We did fear his map reading wouldn’t be up to the challenge – he is only two and two-thirds, but when we had waved good bye to him at base camp he immediately set off in the right direction and that put our minds at rest long enough to fly to Rome to see Cousin Zabaglioni  elected Pope.

The two of us have taken a back seat this year, as befits our advancing years. I have only had twenty-six letters published in The Times this twelve-month, whilst Margo has felt the effects of all the Olympic races she has entered – her records still stand and I don’t think they will ever be beaten. Next year she will have physiotherapy from the same surgeon who gave the Queen her new hip.

Daughter Anne is still in her job at NASA, I believe it is thanks to her that the new TV satellites over England work, so we are very proud. She also finds time to run the world’s biggest Cat sanctuary in Memphis, a marvellous undertaking given she has asthma and can’t go near cats. I believe she does it all online from Cape Canaveral.

Anyway, we hope you are all well and look forward to hearing your news if we have time to see you before we fly off. Christmas in Antarctica this year. Hadrian is doing research there and invited the whole family. Should be fun.

Love, etc,

Gethin and Margo.

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