May 24, 2019

Daniel Linehan – coming soon to the BMW Tate Live online Performance Room

Internationally celebrated rising star of contemporary dance, Daniel Linehan, will choreograph a new performance for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room to be broadcast on 12 December at 20.00 GMT. BMW Tate Live Performance Room is a pioneering strand of live, online performances simultaneously seen by international audiences across world time zones via

Screen Shot 2013 12 03 at 10 45 30This untitled dance piece is performed live by Anneleen Keppens and Linehan for online audiences only. The dancers will execute hundreds of intricate movements in response to the imagined audible articulations of a series of words projected onto the wall of the performance room. The dance accentuates the strange rhythms hiding within everyday speech formed by hesitancies, interruptions and stutters to become a visualisation of the peculiarities of verbal delivery.

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