June 27, 2019

Four stories – short films curated by Roman Coppola

Aspiring film-makers were invited to submit screenplays to the Four Stories competition run by  Intel Ultrabook and W Hotels. Judges including Roman Coppola picked four scripts which have been made into ten-minute short films.

The winners were:

El Tonto!, written by Ben Sayeg and directed by Lake Bell. It follows the friendship between a nerdy American tourist and a masked Mexican wrestler.

Modern/Love, written by Amy Jacobowitz and directed by Lee Krieger looks at a couple who’ve met online meeting each other for the first time.

The Mirror between us, written and directed by Kahil Joseph stars two women who go on an adventure in the Maldives.

Eugene, written by Adam Blampied and directed by Spencer Sussex imagines a world where when you type something it materialises in front of you…

You can see all the films here, or watch El Tonto! below. Screenwriter Sayeg lives in Brooklyn and works with the sketch-comedy troupe the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. The director Lake Bell wrote and directed the critically acclaimed short film Worst Enemy, which debuted at Sundance last year.

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