February 22, 2019

Nathan Gotlib Answers Jester Jacques Gallery Questions


If you had to sum up your current body of work simply and succinctly, maybe

using just keywords, how would you describe it?


I would probably say my work tends to revolve around information and the way it is being transferred. I also have an innate love for narrative, which is (hopefully!) reflected in most of what I do.


How do you start the process when making a new work? Is there research and

a lot of pre planning, or do you allow for experimentation along the way?


I tend to experiment along the way, mostly from a technical point of view. Regarding subject matter, I like to get inspired by things I see and experience (like a snippet of conversation or a passage of a book). Work becomes fascinating when you manage to portray something mundane in an exciting way.





How do books, signage and text in general find their way into your work? Do

you use direct quotes or do you reinterpret what you see/read?


I read a lot of fantasy and surreal literature at the moment and I find the writing to be particularly visually inspiring. I keep filling sketchbooks with quotes and passages that are particularly evocative. I do have an unconditional love for neon signage however, as tacky as it is I find it to be a beautiful semiotic language.


Who are your top 5 inspirational artists?


I am a big fan of Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol for their technical and conceptual experimentation with screen printing. I decided to write my dissertation about them and started appreciating their work a lot more. As far as contemporary artists go, I am a sucker for pretty images. Artists like Audrey Kawasaki and  CRAWW are the illustrators I would look out for. I also used to study design at university and developed an interest in the work of Tom Eckersley, beautiful graphic language and ‘old skool’ design.



Tell us about the prints you are selling with JJ Gallery – current and upcoming.


The prints I am currently selling with JJ Gallery were made in the last year. While some of them were inspired by particulars (like the ‘Dead Kitty’ and ‘Kayden’ prints), others were visual reinterpretations of imagery I found interesting (‘Dali Cries’ and ‘Because we Care’). As for what the future holds, who knows!


Nathan’s work is now for sale online at www.jesterjacquesgallery.co.uk/shop

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