June 4, 2020

Osteria del Sole – the bar where you can bring your own food!

In the same way that there are some restaurants in the UK that let you bring your own drink, there used to be a tradition in Bologna for various Osterie to allow you to bring your own food. Now there is only one of these establishments left – the Osteria del Sole, on a small street between vie Orefici and Pescherie Vecchie.


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It’s only a couple of streets from Piazza Maggiore so you should be able to find it. I advise you do, even if you don’t take any food. The atmosphere is boisterous and everyone is having a good time.

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It’s a great experience, but bear in mind it’s not the place for a quiet drink! They have a selection of wines both local and from France. We chose the Pignoletto from Cotre D’aibo which was a sparkling, peachy little number and hit the spot perfectly


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We visited the Osteria del Sole as guests of BolognaWelcome.

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