April 26, 2018

That film

I saw last night was great. You should see it. It had that guy in it, you know, the one with the beard. K.A.

80s’ fever

Knight Rider still rocks, letting you relive your life. “One man can make a difference”, tells the narrator as Michael wins another battle. Yes, one man with Kitt! E.D.


Michaelmas Term lately over…Implacable November Weather”. So begins Bleak House, a convoluted tale of twists & convolutions. J.M.

Erik Vink, Untitled. Oil on linen, 2010

Erik Vink lives and works in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He performs worldwide with the international street theatre group Close Act and creates big, realistic oil paintings on linen. He chooses his subjects from common media […]

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