May 30, 2020

Illegal Aesthetics: blowing the art out of Tallinn.

Explosions, photo credit: Mari Keski-Korsu Hijacking the Ptarmigan practice over the first quarter of 2013 is Illegal Aesthetics, an ongoing laboratory executed within the Migrating Art Academies framework¬†, purse-snatching for interrogation the very scope of […]

Tallinn: Ptarmigan, the art in social

  A line of thought recently kicking round my head has been the characterisation of disciplines according to the manner in which they express experience of reality – dance through movement, philosophy rational argument, music […]

Tallinn: Lugemik, the paper cutting-edge

The visual of the word, interplay between story and form, structure and sentence, regularly harnesses my attention. See Mark Z. Danielewki’s architectural metaphysical rom-horr narratives, the typographic experimentalism of Blast – Lewis Wyndham and the […]

(Tallinn) Rakvere city blog: Balto-scandalous

Out the city again, accompanied one time with mini-mass exodus of theatre patrons, performers and proles. This, as I’m led to understand, small sampling of the Tallinn cultural glitterati do not as such travel east […]

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