November 17, 2018

On Finding Books Again

Although reading has been semi-present during what you could call my formative years, it is only in the past 6-12 months that I’m finding my interest has revived to the level it was at when […]

The xx – Coexist Review

How can a band that forged itself in a minimalist sound follow up their acclaimed debut without losing or alienating their fans? That was the question that posed itself to admirers and listeners of The […]

Green Man Festival 2012 – A Review

Depending on where you are in life, time is judged differently. For some two years wouldn’t be considered a substantial amount of time., for others it would feel like an age. Either way in two […]

The Importance of Lyrics

An issue that I have long held, especially since I consider myself as a person who – while this might sound pretentious – knows something about good music, is that while I can remember a […]

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