February 25, 2021

Niš Baklava

The Balkan Cookbook Niš Baklava   As a child, I used to visit auntie ‘O’ on St Nicholas’s Day—Santa Claus is my uncle’s patron saint. On this day over a thousand years ago my uncle’s […]

The Urban Forager: A Philosophy of Use

Foraging is a pursuit usually associated with the countryside. When we think of foragers, we think of adults and children standing under huge apple trees in the corner of deserted fields or next to hedges […]

Serbian Chicken Risotto

  The Balkan Cookbook Serbian Chicken Risotto   I used to hate this as a kid. The smell of boiling chicken never worked for me and it wasn’t until I was in my teens that […]

Slavonian Beef

Recipes from ’The Balkan Cookbook’   Slavonian beef with lettuce salad My mum swears she invented this recipe, and after failing to find any beef dish in any Balkan restaurant with exactly the same delicious […]

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