May 25, 2018

Tomato Salad Straight from the Balkans

The Balkan Cookbook Tomato salad Straight from the Balkans OK this is for me a standard side order when I am traveling through the Balkans in the summer. It is the perfect accompaniment to grilled […]

A Serbian Breakfast

The Balkan Cookbook A Serbian Breakfast I discovered my first Serbian Breakfast at the national trumpet festival in Guca.  The trumpet festival happens once a year in the village of Guca where for one weekend […]

Adriatic Roast Potatoes

The Balkan Cookbook Roast potatoes This method of roasting potatoes is found all along the Adriatic and is a perfect partner for all grilled and roasted meats. Pecene Krompira — petch-en-ee crom-peer-ah 4 persons Pre-heat […]

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