March 23, 2018

Film reviews, TV reviews and tales of film making and festivals

‘City Of The Living Dead’ by Lucio Fulci

Scare and gore maestro Lucio Fulci, director of The House By The Cemetery, delivers another spaghetti horror ‘classic’ with this zombie nasty fresh from a pre-CG era, where glorious latex and dubbed dialogue reigned. Taking […]

Film Review: Oranges and Sunshine

It will be news to many people that the Aboriginal people of Australia were not the only ones to have a stolen generation. Starting back in 1869, and continuing as late as the 1960’s, hundreds […]

Classic film review: The Usual Suspects

The face of modern crime drama changed when Quentin Tarantino’s self-aware and irreverent Reservoir Dogs (1992) first hit the big screen. It was a change that was built upon when director Bryan Singer and scriptwriter Christopher McQuarrie (a […]

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