January 16, 2019

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Classic film review: Shane

Dir: George Stevens 1953 Shane stars Alan Ladd as a well-mannered gunslinger who is so well-behaved and polite as to be unbelievable. Blond haired and youthful he does not embody the role of the world-weary […]

Classic film review: Kiss me deadly

Dir: Robert Aldrich from the novel by Mickey Spillane 1955 You expect corpses in a film noir, but Kiss Me Deadly has more than the usual quota. Regarded as a classic of the noir genre, […]

Hell as a business by Sagy Zwirn

The show Big Brother has been successful for some time now, but apart from its name, it has little to do to with Orwell’s grim and dystopian predictions. In fact, the idea behind the show […]

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