April 20, 2019

Fine Art from around the world

On the Thematics of Infamous

“Government unorthodoxy, judgment of morality, and origins of evil.” These are the great thematic discussions Sucker Punch Production’s Infamous subtly has with those who play the 2009 PlayStation 3 exclusive title. While these are things […]

Linger in Shadows : Computer game as art

Game: Linger in Shadows Developer: Plastic Platform: PC/Mac Review Drifting through an oil painting of clouds and cream colored skies; a beautiful symphony of harps and violins falls into our ears. We see portraits of […]

walking pneumonics

I set off, oh! how I utterly did. From Lothian road with the destination of the national gallery, Princes Street clear in my mind. A chest infection having plagued me lately, my naturally spritely, youthful […]

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