April 23, 2018

Angela Carter and the Modern Fairy Tale

Don’t talk to strangers, especially the unassuming, handsome ones! Our parents drum this into our innocent little minds as kids, usually the first time we walk to school ourselves or the first time we are […]

walking pneumonics

I set off, oh! how I utterly did. From Lothian road with the destination of the national gallery, Princes Street clear in my mind. A chest infection having plagued me lately, my naturally spritely, youthful […]

Refuge In His Bed

He so looks forward to the end of the day The only time his self loathing thoughts are put at bay He’ll undress, climb into a comfy bed and just lay His mind is suddenly […]

Lawless London

There’s anarchy going on round London town Smashed windows, robbed corner shops and morale is down. The community is crushed, crumbling against the flames And all they can say is it’s because youths have no […]

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