September 21, 2017

Cairo Calling by Rebecca Fielding

  This trembling world Rocking back and forth Hanged by the immovable Fear of its impossible history. News stokes the fire of the day In a tarnished memory display Fragile and casual, left on This, […]

Parallel Universes by Jerry Levy

The woman sitting opposite me on the subway was reading a book – Tangential Relationships of Parallel Universes. The title unnerved me. Not only was I not sure what ‘tangential’ meant but I had never […]

Angela Carter and the Modern Fairy Tale

Don’t talk to strangers, especially the unassuming, handsome ones! Our parents drum this into our innocent little minds as kids, usually the first time we walk to school ourselves or the first time we are […]

walking pneumonics

I set off, oh! how I utterly did. From Lothian road with the destination of the national gallery, Princes Street clear in my mind. A chest infection having plagued me lately, my naturally spritely, youthful […]

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