June 26, 2017

Ode to Colilla

By the time Eduardo stumbled through the doors of his bedroom, daylight had already begun to cough its way through the streets of Bogota. She was asleep in a foetal position, her hands squeezed tightly […]

Phones aren’t us A play in three acts

Act 1 A hardware store in 1850. A gentleman walks in. The shopkeeper looks up. Shopkeeper: How may I help you? Gentleman: I’d like to buy a phone. Shopkeeper: You’d like to buy a what? […]

Noon by Feng Sun Chen

Flabby from a night of racing the snow and the American sadness, blue is elusive, and fickle and found rarely in the city. Mother’s plump wrists pour hot water for father, warm, and furry with […]

The Big Bung – TV programme idea by Gary Hennick

Scientists are offered increasingly large sums of money to ‘emphasis’ parts of their research. We watch the resulting changes in government policy from a hot air balloon filled with ‘experts’. Questions from a pre-selected audience […]

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