October 24, 2020

Live art, performance

Hugh Laurie Brings the House Down

Nothing validates the social construction of celebrity more than the efforts by those who have been elevated to such a status to utilise it for a worthy cause. Increasingly, it seems, such individuals are more […]

Dead Hedge Trio – Cutting it Up

Dead Hedge Trio, Mello Mello Jazz Cafe, Tuesday 26th 2013   Spring, unfortunately has not yet reached north-west England yet a sweaty, hot-under-the-collar temperature was achieved earlier this week at Mello Mello by Dead Hedge […]

The Nutcracker; Never a Dull Moment

The Nutcracker: Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Thursday 10th January, 2013. It’s a Christmas classic, but the Scottish Ballet’s take on this distinctive and memorable show is just as fresh as ever, and an enjoyable feast for […]

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