January 16, 2021

Nemeses Pigs – iPoetry from genuine Captchas

Student stalker, Police glamors. Mario struck – Dark. Baddest. A nd nudism. The speeding effected and Happy dog, iPhone photo fazing her. Constitutional quested smoggier President, elections waster. Fact strolled the colognes. Latvian Elvis, the […]

The Black Swan by Sime Knezevic

Frost falls from her feathers as she unfurls her shadow. A turtle swims violently slow beneath the ripple she did spur. Kingfishers coo in chorus, the sun in their beaks. Morning clouds wax and wane […]

Dear sms by Yvonne Anderson

Dear sms, Have you fallen victim to the next best thing? spent your entire fortune on it hoping to make endless amounts of cash? Did it work out, or were you left high with barley […]

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