October 22, 2020

Opinion, thought, philosophy

The Getaway Guide for Men – Rome!

The eternal city has more culture, romance and swarthiness than George Clooney and Penelope Cruz’s lovechild draped in Dolce & Gabbana. Even people who haven’t visited know this to be true and, for this reason, […]

Flying to the Islands

As one flies to more and more remote places stuff becomes smaller and smaller- a bit like a tree; the further from the trunk, the smaller the branches. At Birmingham airport, unused to flying by […]


Giant buildings slowly shrivel to dwarves As my distance from them grows Their unending sounds and blaring lights Are deafened and dimmed by the tunnel As it siphons me away   Through the tunnel and […]

Review: The Metropolis Organism by Frank Vitale

The metaphor of the city as organic matter is by no means a new one. In ancient Greece, Aristophanes’s Lysistrata, compared classical Athens to a tangle of wool with the insistence that all imperfections, ‘knots’, […]

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