November 24, 2020

Opinion, thought, philosophy

Novels and ‘the holy contour of life’

In his 30 point Belief and Technique for modern prose Jack Kerouac exhorts writers to ‘Believe in the holy contour of life’ and to be ‘Writer-Director of earthly movies Sponsored & Angeled in Heaven.’ It […]

This is Whitechapel

40 years ago Photo Journalist Ian Berry was commissioned to photograph the community of Whitechapel. The aim of this venture was to reach out to the community and entice them into the existing local gallery. […]

Horror: My view from behind the cushion.

Remember when you were little, maybe five or six years old, and your mum took you shopping with her? You would trudge along, dragging – and purposefully scuffing – your shoes along the ground reluctantly. […]

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