April 11, 2021

Artist Interview – Dulce Aguirre

  Name: Dulce Aguirre. Location: Mexico City, Mexico. Website: http://dulceaguirrebarrera.wix.com/art   Brief artists statement: As Picasso said, ‘Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth’. Art should wake, shake and defy us, and make us think. […]

On Galleries – The Importance of Context

I love visiting art galleries. Sunday afternoons were made for wandering around the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, getting to know each room and each painting individually. Recently, however, I’ve found myself wondering about the way […]

Banksy: Cultural Re-Evolution?

Banksy, perhaps one of the most infamous artists of the early 21st century, has brought attention to guerilla art giving rise to a love affair with everything street in some of the world’s premier art […]